Robot mower Insurance, 3 things to consider.

So you’re thinking about buying a robot lawn mower but are worried about it being stolen…read on.

Thefts from gardens are increasing so it is worth considering:

  1. What you can do to minimise the chance of you robot being stolen
  2. If it stolen having it recovered
  3. If it isn’t recovered, having appropriate insurance to make sure you are covered.

Although most robots have security features, it is worth thinking about the simple things you can do.

1. Simple security measures to keep you mower safe

Most robot mowers spend the majority of their time in the base station so when deciding the position the base station don’t just think about the ease of installation but also consider a place that:

  1. Is not visible to passers by
  2. Can’t be easily accessed from outside of your property
  3. Is lit at night – maybe install a security (PIR light)
  4. Can be seen from the house (good for peace of mind)

Robot Mower Garages/ Kennels

There are a number of robot mower garages available on the market which not only can ‘hide’ your mower but are also useful to put the transformer in and can be painted to match your house, garage etc.  You can easily make one yourself…here’s one I made earlier.

You can also buy them either from ourselves (i.e. an Ambrogio garage) or from Amazon, ManoMano etc. Just google ‘Robot Mower Garage’.

New base station position

2. Have it Recovered

Many mowers have security features such as alarms if they are picked up…that’s great if you are close by but unfortunately, thieves don’t tend to strike when you are close by.

If you are worried about theft, then we would recommend have a mower which has GPS and is connected to the internet i.e. has a mobile SIM and hence is trackable.  Another useful feature is a geofence i.e. if the mower goes outside of a predetermined area, you are alerted on your phone App.

The majority of the Ambrogio robot lawn mowers have these features…just look out for the ‘Control from Anywhere’ feature.

Ambrogio Android App
Ambrogio App

3. Robot Mower insurance

Buying house insurance can be a nightmare even with comparison sites. Finding house insurance that covers robot mowers moves it up another level as I found out.   

When I bought my first robot mower I contacted our house insurer, I naively thought just involve paying an additional premium.   After explaining what a robot mower was and that it was meant to stay out in the garden (‘can’t you just take it in at night?’) they contacted their underwriter. 

I received a call about an hour later to say that they couldn’t cover it and would be cancelling my insurance!  A bit harsh even if they did give me a week to find another company and it was recorded that I had cancelled the policy so it didn’t affect any future applications.

Unfortunately,  house insurance that includes cover for robot mowers is not something that you can easily search for, so it took a while.   

The best solution I found was using to get quotes applicable to our house and then for each quote, click on the ‘More Info’ button, scroll to the bottom and there is a section on most quotes called ‘Garden & outdoor cover’. The amount of ‘Contents in the open’ is what to look for. 

Having just renewed our insurance (June 2020), I went through the same process again.  The table on the right shows the Coverage in the Open and the relative annual cost of the policy. I only found two policies which provided unlimited cover (Aviva and Marks and Spencer) and two which provided £5000 worth of cover (AXA & John Lewis)….although I would always  recommend checking the policy wording before committing yourself,  the definitions of what is covered vary greatly.

Robot Mower Insurance


I hope that is useful,  it’s based on experience rather than theory,  if you have found any other insurance companies that cover robot mowers or have any other tips on security, please get in touch and I’ll add them.

Have look at our other articles and frequently asked questions.


15 Responses

  1. Thanks Paul. That’s really useful. I just checked whether my contents insurance covered my robot lawn mower and found that it wasn’t. It would only be if it were in a locked garage, not while it is in use.

    1. Glad it helped… there are lots of providers that do provide cover and when you start looking in detail it’s scary what all the exclusions are.

  2. From your table there are no boxes ticked for coverage in the open for admiral platinum. Does that mean there is no cover at all?

    1. Hi Kevin,
      Looks like it but they do provide £2,500 of cover for theft from your garden shed…not much use for a robot mower.

    2. Hi not sure if this of use but I checked my cover with Aviva here in R of Ireland and they cover up to 1000 euros only.
      No use for 3200 cost though!!

  3. Hi, not sure robo is covered
    Covers you for contents left in the open that aren’t normally left outside, up to the amount specified.

    If its normally left outside then I double they will cover it

    1. Hi Viny, good point and worth checking the small print for each policy.
      “Contents in the open” typically covers moveable items normally kept outside such as barbecues, garden furniture, pots and ornaments. A robot mower is not intended to be left outside for the whole year as it is brought in during the winter so does that make it temporary?
      I have contacted a few insurance brokers to see if you can arrange add on cover for robot mowers but as yet have made no progress.
      Happy to update the article if you have any feedback on specific companies.

  4. I just spoke with Aviva and the advised that their underwriter does not cover Robotic mowers, even if I store it in the garage overnight.
    I have a quotation from Axe but it is ridiculously high!

  5. Policy Expert say that only their standard £350 cover for loose garden items would apply to a robot mower left outside unsecured. When kept in a locked shed/building the cover would be limited to £1000.
    Useless for item costing over £4000.

      1. I did ask out local NFU branch and they said they would only cover a mower as part of a house policy and they could not quote me a figure as they would have to ask the underwriter for each specific mower.

  6. You would think their might be a company specialising in this.
    I have used Sainsburies insurance the last few years but it seems to be costing about circa £120 a year to insure “things in the garden” up to £2k. That over 10 year is almost the price of the mower!

  7. I’m in Republic of Ireland have domestic insurance with Zurich but on enquiring about insurance for Automower I was quoted €200

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