Visit to Ambrogio HQ Italy

In February, The Robot Mower and a number of the other UK dealers travelled to Zucchetti’s Ambrogio HQ just south of Florence.

The purpose of the visit was to get a better understanding of the current production range, what was new for 2020 and what is coming in 2021 and beyond.

Many thanks to Peter from Ambrogio UK for arranging what was a very useful and informative trip.

Visit to Ambrogio headquarters

New For 2020

We are very excited about the latest models to be added for 2020 and the new features that have been added.

The Twenty Range

The Twenty range (Deluxe and Elite) are new this year offering an excellent, quality mower at a really good price.

These are very compact (42 cms long) and light (just over 7kg) but full of the latest technology.

Mowing up to 1000 m², these are an excellent option for most gardens, especially if you have a front and back garden.

We’re looking forward to the customisable bodies that we will be able to offer.

Ambrogio Twenty Robot Mower Display
Twenty customisable bodies

The 4.36

Building on the success of the 4.0 Elite, the 4.36 Elite offers the same pivoting cutting head but able to cope with a greater area (up to 6000 m²).

It’s ability to cope with more uneven terrain make it perfect for larger lawns where you might suffer from rabbit holes etc.

Ambrogio 4.36 Robot Mower

Improved Cutting Performance

Zucchetti engineers used Artificail Intelligence to analyse hundreds of thousand of hours of cutting data.

The outcome…the algorithm that is used to ensure that the mowers cover the area in the most efficient manner has been improved for 2020.  All our existing mowers mowers using Satellite Dynamic Memory (SDM) will be automatically updated to the latest software when you next connect.


The +INFINITYSYSTEM allows you install multiple mowers in the same area with each mower mapping out it’s own specific area – you don’t need to do anything to it.

This is great if you have a very large area to mow or if you already have a robot, you can add another if you decide to expand the area past the capacity of your existing mower.  As the mowers can mow at the same time, it reduces the amount of time a mower is on your lawn.

This is available on all models that can cover more than 3200 m² i.e. 4.0 Elite, L250i Elite S+ and above.

Smart Assistant

All the Ambrogio range that we offer (apart from the L60 & Twenty Deluxe) will now be compatible with your voice assistant (Alexa, Google Home & Siri).

This means that you will be able to find out the current status of your mower, send it out or ask it return to it’s base…all without even having to pick up your smartphone. We’re working on a Samsung Smartthings integration.

Amico - Keep your pets safe

Although brought out in 2019, we will be offering the Amico system from 2020.

This allows you to put a tag on your pet and when the mower approaches it, the blades will turn off so making it safe

Pet Friendly

Coming in 2021

There’s not a lot we are allowed to tell you about what’s coming up but Zucchetti are constantly improving and evolving their products so you can be sure that if you buy a mower from us, it will not go out of date.

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