Honda Miimo HRM 40 vs Ambrogio Twenty

Although we are an Ambrogio dealer and always like to think our products are best, we do keep an eye on the opposition.  The Miimo HRM 40 popped up on my feed so I thought I would take a closer look.

Honda Miimo HRM 40

Honda Miimo Hrm 40

The Miimo HRM 40 comes in two flavours:

  • Standard RRP £949 (expect to pay around £875)
  • Live RRP £1049 (expect to pay around £900)

They both come with an installation kit with 125m of wire, a similar kit for the Twenty would be £80 but would be 150m.

Both flavours can cover up to 400 m² and have an LCD screen which allows you to program and control the mower but the Live also allows you to use an App to program or control the mower from anywhere in the world.

There are a couple of features which Honda say are unique:

  • Map & Mow – this allows the mower to calculate the garden size itself and create a mowing schedule.
  • Logical Cutting Pattern – it will mow your lawn in 5m stripes
  • Place & Mow – you can put the mower in a particular small area (to to 3m x 3m)

More about these later.

Ambrogio Twenty

Ambrogio Twenty Robot Mower Display

Similar to the Miimo, the Twenty comes in two flavours:

The Deluxe can cover up to 700 m² and the Elite up to 1000 m²,  neither machine has a screen as they both programmed via an App. The Deluxe uses Bluetooth and hence you need to be within 10m to use the App, the Elite has internet connectivity which means that you can control it from anywhere in the world. 

Additionally, the Elite also has a GPS module, which means:

  • It is trackable – if someone takes it away, you’ll be informed when it leaves your area and then it’s location can be found anywhere in the world. 
  • It provides better coverage – the machine knows where it has mowed and uses that information to mow more efficiently.

Both robots allow you to mow up to 4 areas i.e. 4 connected lawns without any human involvement and use the Amico tag which keeps your pets safe i.e. turns the blades off when going near them.

Feature Comparison

If you have read our article about finding the best robot lawn mower for 2020, you’ll know that the only person who can decide on the best mower is you – it’s based on your specific requirements, but below is how they stack up feature wise.

Manufacturer Comparison

Unique features?

Let’s look at some of the other Honda Miimo features:

Map & Mow

Automatically calculating the size of your lawn sounds great but when you are deciding which mower to buy, you will have worked out the size of your lawn already. 

Automatically setting the schedule sounds good, but only you know when you want it to start mowing so , you’ll probably end up changing it.  The Ambrogio manual will tell you the desired schedule for your sized lawn.

Verdict: Nice to have but doesn’t really add much.

Logical Cutting Pattern

It says it will mow your lawn in 5m stripes…which implies that the mower will create stripes in your lawn.  As you will know, for stripes you need a roller so this refers more to the mowing pattern than the look of the lawn afterwards.   All the machines have a logical cutting pattern, what really matters is how quickly they will cover an area completely,  the Miimo needs to be run scheduled for 14h a day, 7 days a week to cover 400 m², the Twenty Deluxe needs 7.5 hours a day & the Elite 6.5 hours.

Verdict: Great sounding but mowing time doesn’t live up to the promise.

Place & Mow

The place and mow idea sounds good, if you have a particular area that doesn’t get cut normally i.e. under garden table and chairs, then you put it there and set it to mow the area. 

Verdict: Not sure how often you would use it but a good idea.


There are lots of other features which do not really differentiate the Miimo from other robot mower – they are more features that you would expect from a robot lawn mower.  One thing which stood out was that the Miimo only had 3 cutting heights 30/40 & 50 mm – the Twenty has a 25 – 70mm range and you can adjust it anywhere in-between.

Verdict: Cutting height lacks range and adjustability.

Overall Verdict

On the face of it, the Miimo look like a good little machine if you have up to 400m² to mow.  It is slightly cheaper than the Twenty if you take into account the installation kit but the Twenty still wins out as :

  • It can handle a bigger area
  • It can handle steeper slopes
  • It mows the area quicker leaving it free for you
  • It is controlled by an App even on the Deluxe
  • It is quieter
  • For security, the Twenty Elite’s geofence and tracking capability puts it lawns ahead of the HRM Live.


The information for the HRM 40 used in this comparison was taken from the Honda marketing material and other reviews…if you have any feedback or think anything is incorrect, please let us know and we’ll change it. If you are interested in mowers for larger gardens, we cater for all garden sizes up to 20,000 m² and beyond.

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  1. One item
    You have not mentioned is availability of spares. My Miimo has been out of action for the last 8 months due to spares not being available and I am still waiting.

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