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To setup and maintain your Ambrogio Robot mower, you can either use the screen on the mower (if present) or use the Android App or the iOS App.

We are frequently asked how change the settings on a mower so we’ve put together a list of the common things we are asked.  You may find it useful to look at the corresponding App pages (Android or iOS) to find where the relevant commands exist in the menu structure as well as a video of the App itself.

If you have a question, please Contact Us and if it is something we think other people may want to know we’ll add it to the list.

In the list below, I’ve put the relevant menu items from the app in bold italics , if the menu items are different in the Android and iOS Apps, the first entry is the Android App.

Common Questions

How do I configure my new Ambrogio Robot Mower?

The key things you need to setup are:
  1. The Date and Time on the mower.
  2. The Password/ Pin on the Mower (these terms are used interchangeably).  They can be changed later in the Change Password/ Security Password menu
  3. How you connect your phone to the mower.  Initially this will be done via bluetooth. Once done you can setup access over the internet if your mower supports this.  You can use the Configure Connect Module menu.
  4. The Garden Settings – this defines the size of each of your lawns and how your mower reaches them.
  5. The Robot Settings – this defines the schedule of when your mower will mow your lawn(s) and how it will return to the base station
  6. The security which informs you if you mower goes a distance away from your lawn.  The Geofence Alarm settings allow you to do this and amend them afterwards.

I can no longer access my Ambrogio mower over the internet...what can I do?

There are a few reasons why you may no longer be getting updates/ be able to connect over the internet.  It is first worth checking that your mower has mobile connectivity.  On the main screen you will see an icon which shows you how many ‘bars’ your mower has.  If it hasn’t got a consistent connection/ bars then it won’t be able to connect.

  • If you have changed phones or if there has been a major App update which requires you to re-register (rare) – all you need to do is to connect to your mower over Bluetooth and then use the Configure Connect Module option to add your phone back into the mower.  You can also use the Registered Connect Clients/ GSM option to remove your old phone if required.
  • If the above doesn’t work then try an Update to the mower software…even if it is not telling you there is a new version available, it will quite often sort things out.

How do I update the software on my Ambrogio mower?

From time to time, Ambrogio will provide a new software update for your machine.  You will see a message saying that an update is available when you open the App.  You just need to use the Update option whilst connected to your mower over Bluetooth and this will download the update to your mower.  Just remember to ensure that you have enough battery in your phone and mower to download the update.  At the end of the update, remember to ensure that your mower is on and ready for its next outing.

I want my Ambrogio mower to mow a new area, what do I do?

Firstly you need to work out the size of each area in sq. m. , it doesn’t need to be exact as the mower just uses the ratio of the areas to work out what ratio of the total mowing time it should spend in each area. Next you need to measure how far it is from the base station a place in the second area that you want the mower to start, take the closest path along the perimeter wire either clockwise or anti-clockwise.  Again it doesn’t need to be exact, you can always add a couple of meters to make sure and you can always update it afterwards. Once you have these then you are ready to update the app. 1) First you need to add a new area: Go to Area Settings and choose a new area (A2). Add the dimension (size of area), distance (how far the mower needs to travel to get to the area), Distance from wire , Direction (clockwise or anticlockwise) and Eco (Disabled) 2) You may need to change the main area (A1) in Area Settings  if that area is now smaller. 3) You now need to add area 2 into the schedule:  Go to Robot Settings, for each mowing period during the week, add A2 to the list of Areas to be mowed i.e. A1 & A2 should now be selected.

My Ambrogio mower is not going out to mow according to the schedule. What could it be?

There are a number of possible reasons why a mower doesn’t go out:
  1. The mower is off – turn it on
  2. The robots date/ time not set correctly – you can update it using the Date & Time option. On iOS, the date time updates when the App connects to the mower.
  3. The mower doesn’t think it has working to do – make sure that the Eco mode setting is off for all areas in the Area Settings.
  4. The area you are expecting it to mow is not in the schedule.  Check the Areas selected in the corresponding mowing time in the Week Schedule.
  5.  The mower is not in auto mode – ensure it is in auto on the mower
  6.  The mower has previously been stopped – press the start | pause button, check the status on the app on the Home Tab/ Main Screen.
  7. There is an alert on the robot – check the reason for the alert Home Tab/ Main Screen on the App or the mower itself and then clear it
  8.  The robot has detected rain and the rain sensor setting is set to delay or on – wait until the rain has passed and the mower sensor has dried N.B. The sensor can be quite sensitive so any moisture between the sensors can trigger it. You could also set the rain setting to off.
  9. The working time has been exceeded – ensure that the total mowing time periods in the Week Schedule plus any manual mode cutting time does not exceed the maximum for the mower.
  10.  Insufficient charge – ensure that the mower has docked correctly so that it is being charged.  You can check the Charging status on the Home Tab/ Main Screen.
  11.  Intermittent delay – sometimes the mower doesn’t start exactly on time and we have seen it start up to 10 minutes late.

My Ambrogio mower has a 'No Signal' error

The no signal error is triggered when the mower cannot detect the perimeter wire.

Three possible reasons why this may happen:

  1. The power to the base station had been turned off or the fuse tripped.
  2. There is a break in the perimeter wire. This could be due to the mower running over an exposed wire, someone putting their spade through the wire (I’ve done that) or an animal digging/ nibbling through the wire.  If the mower is out, check if it is over the wire and look underneath, otherwise walk round the perimeter and see if you can see an exposed wire – have a look at our article on finding wire breaks.
  3. The wire has come out of the connectors in the base station – unlikely but check the connections. There is an led on the transmitter board, check the colour and flashing pattern against the troubleshooting section of your manual.

My Ambrogio mower has an 'Out of border' error

An out of border message occurs when the mower finds itself outside of the perimeter wire.  This will not normally happen during daily operation but can occur when the mower spins near the perimeter wire taking part of the mower outside of the perimeter.  A spin can occur if one of the wheels loses grip when the mower is reversing or turning usually after getting stuck in a hole or bumping into something. If there is a hole then filling it in should solve the problem. Note that you need to clear the error on the mower before it will start again i.e. move it back inside the perimeter an press pause | start.

How can I check what my Ambrogio mower has been doing?

If your mower runs overnight then it may not know if it has been running or not.  Use the  Timeline in the Statistics/ Operating Statistics section of the app to look at what is has been doing. If you contact your dealer regarding an issue, they may ask you to send a log from the mower which provides a more detailed account of what the mower has been doing.  To download and send a log then:
  • Go to the History/ Events section in the App and choose a day that the issue occurred.
  • For Android, click save and then after it has downloaded, click on the share button (top right) and choose email.
  • For iOS click download and then send/ share it by email (the upload icon in the top right)

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