Ambrogio Robot Mower Android App

The Ambrogio Android App allows you to carry out commands when connected to your mower either over Bluetooth or the Internet if your mower supports that.

Below is the menu structure and a short description of each option.

If you have an iPhone, then look at our iOS App page instead.

You can also look up Ambrogio Robot Mower App questions.

Ambrogio Android App
Ambrogio Android App Setup tab

Menu Structure

Menu Level 1Menu Level 2Menu Level 3Menu Level 4OptionsNotes
Work ProfileP1, P2, P3Selecting the profile will change the active profile on the mower and will also allow you to edit the profile when connected over Bluetooth.
CommandsCommands allow you to issue immediate commands to the mower
Change UntilDay and TimeMower will return to its base and stay there until the specified Day/ Time selected
Work UntilArea, TimeMower will go to the selected Area and work until the specified time. Note the mower may go back to the base first and then go to the area.
Border CutMower will perform a border cut i.e. leave the base station, follow the perimeter wire clockwise and cut as it goes.
DriveSteers the mower. Can be useful to steer it back to the base station/ somewhere else if you don't want to pick it up…or just for fun 🙂
Last Mower PositionShows the last GPS position of the mower - this depends on mobile data coverage and GPS coverage.
SetupMain Options available
UpdateInstalls updated software on your mower over Bluetooth. When a new version is available, you will receive a notification in the App. This process takes a few minutes and your phone needs to be next to the mower and fully charged.
ManualView a electronic copy of the manual
Mower Settings
Robot SettingsUpdates the robot settings
ProfileThe machine allows up to 3 profiles to be stored: P1, P2 & P3.
Each profile allows a different Week Schedule to be set.
You can change between profiles when connected over the internet but cannot change the profile detail itself.
Week ScheduleDays of weekAllows you to set:
Mowing times - Up to 4 mowing periods (T1-T4) can be set per day. Review your manual for the recommended total mowing time for your total lawn area
Area - For each mowing period, you can set which area should be mown
Border Cut - Identifies that a border cut should be carried out that day.
You can copy form one day to the next.
Recommendation: Set one mowing period per day for the total number of hours specified for your total lawn size in your manual. Set each mowing period to mow all areas. Set a border cut on 2 days a week (3 days apart). This allows the mower to decide itself where it needs to mow and how long to spend on each area. You can then tune it if necessary.
Charge Settings0, 25, 50, 75, 100 cm.The maximum distance from the perimeter wire the mower will travel when returning to the base. Note that the mower will vary this every time to reduce the tread marks (tracking) on the grass.
Recommendation: Set this initially to 0 to ensure the correct operation of the mower. Once happy, set this to the maximum possible that will still allow the mower get past any obstacles and through any corridors/ gaps between areas.
Rain SettingsOn, delay (hours 2 min), OffChange the behaviour of the mower when rain is encountered.
On - returns to base until next mowing cycle
Delay - returns to base for a given period of time
Off - carries on mowing.
Recommendation: Set this initially to On.
Blade HeightSets the height of the blade on those models that support it. Note that this is set per profile and not per area.
Recommendation: Do not use the robot to mow grass which is 1 cm higher than the cutting blade. When first starting, set the blade high and then reduce every 3-4 days until the desired height is achieved.
Working ModeAuto/ ManualWhere supported, sets the mower to mow according to the schedule (auto) or to mow purely based on the commands.
Garden Settings
Area SettingsA1, A2 …Defines the different areas that the mower will mow. From the mowers perspective, an area is purely a point along the perimeter wire at which it start to mow (release point). For each area you define:
Dimension: The size of the area (if multiple areas are defined, the mower uses this to calculate the mowing time for each area based on the ration of the area size to the total area)
Distance: How far the mower needs to travel along the perimeter wire to get to the release point
Distance Wire: The distance from the perimeter wire the mower will travel when going to the area
Direction: Whether the mower should travel clockwise or anti-clockwise along the perimeter wire to the area
Eco mode (On/Off): With Eco-mode on, if the mower cuts minimal grass within a given time period (30 mins), it will return to the base as it judges that the grass is not long enough to cut.
Recommendation: If you just have one area, set distance and distance wire to 0.
If you have multiple areas, Set the Distance Wire to zero to start with to ensure it reaches each release point correctly.
If you have passages between areas, review the manual regarding areas/ recall to wire setup.
Set the ECO mode to off initially. If you have large areas where the grass grows at different rates, keep the ECO mode off.
General SettingsGeneral Settings for the mower
LanguageSet the language
Date FormatSet the date format
Meters/ FeetSet the units
On/ OffTurns sound notifications on/ off
Wire SettingsMin, Med, MaxAdjusts how far over the wire the mower travels before turning round in normal operation. If you find that the mower is consistently going to far and bumping in to a raised edge or falling off the lawn, then you should decrease this. Note this does not affect the position of the mower when carrying out a border cut.
Docking ShiftAdjusts the position of the mower in the base to ensure it is in the centre.
Recommendation: If the mower is not centered, check that the incoming wire is straight, place the wire under the base station and adjust it left/ right to compensate.
Air MarkerVaries the strength of the signal the base transmits which allows the mower to identify how close to the base it is.
Recommendation: Discuss any changes with your dealer first.
Date & TimeSets the date and time on the mower. On iPhone this is done when the app is connected to the mower
History. Date Period EventsView key events in the mower
Change PasswordChange the mowers pin/ password.
Configure Connect ModuleAdd phoneAdd your phone to the list of phones that can connect to the mower over the internet and will receive updates from the mower.
Registered Connect ClientsConnected DriverProvides a list of phones which have already been setup to control the mower over the internet
Status, DistanceSet how far from a given point the mower can travel before it sends an alert to any connected phones.
Recommendation: Set to 1km as the reported GPS position can be affected by overhead trees, building and powerlines.
More Info
Serial Number
Data UsageDetails how much of the monthly data plan has been used.
Operating StatisticsDetails how long the mowing has been used for
Winter ServiceService details