Commercial Robot Lawn Mowers

Haven’t considered a commercial robotic lawn mower yet, now is the time.

Reduce your costs with a Commercial Robotic Lawn Mower

The cost of grounds maintenance can be a large part of your annual budget.

Whether you employ an outside contractor or use your own staff and equipment, grass mowing is a time consuming task and can use resources whose skills would be better employed elsewhere.

A robot lawn mower will not provide a complete grounds maintenance solution but will allow you to reduce your on-going expenditure on grass mowing and provide a solution that is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, quiet and flexible.

Ambrogio L400i commercial robot mower on golf course
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Less complicated than you may think

Belrobotic Football pitch mower
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You may worry that it is new technology but robot lawn mowers have been around for more than 20 years and are widely used across Europe.

You may think that your grounds are too large but our mowers can cover in excess of 5 acres each and you can run multiple mowers in the same area.

You may think your grounds are too complicated for a robotic lawn mower but we have a large range which can cope with grounds that have multiple linked areas, slopes and uneven ground.

Want to know more?

The Robot Mower is based in Essex and we have clients in covers Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk, Herfordshire & London.  Unlike a lot of other companies, we just sell and install robot lawn mowers from manufactures that specialise in robotic mowers.

Although we do offer the facility to buy online, the majority of our sales come after a discussion about the clients needs and a survey of the area they want mowed.  Our experience comes from day-to-day usage of the mowers in our test garden rather than just reading a manual.

Want to known more? Have a look at our Ambrogio or Belrobotics ranges which gives us the flexibility to offer a robot mower that is suitable for every area….but before making any decisions, contact us for a no obligation ground’s survey as no two areas are the same.

Benefits of a commercial Robot Lawn Mower

Cost benefits of a robot mower

Cost Effective

  • Low running costs 1 acre = £34 of electricity a year*
  • Reduced grass treatments regular cutting & mulching reduced the need for additional fertiliser
  • Minimal management The mowers are tracked and maintained from an app which can be shared with multiple staff members
Green benefits of a robot mower

Environmentally Friendly

  • No exhaust pollantants Running on electricity is eco-friendly
  • Low noise impact Low noise (quieter than a conversation) means it can run while people work/ sleep
  • No grass clippings No need to dispose of grass clippings, they fall back into the grass and nourish it
Flexible benefits of robot mowers


  • You set the schedule You decide on the schedule, it will even mow overnight
  • Allows you to react to changes The App allows you tell the mower to mow now, mow in a different area or go back to base
  • Not weather dependant The mower will mow in most weather conditions and has a rain sensor for additional flexibility

Where can we install a robot mower?

The short answer is ‘just about anywhere’…given the breadth of the Ambrogio and Belrobotics ranges, we have a robot to suit just about any situation but here are a few places they have been installed:

  • Football pitches – keeps the grass a consistent length all the time
  • Golf driving ranges – No need to dodge the balls, we even have a ball collector range
  • Hotels – Mow when your guests are asleep without disturbing them
  • Hazardous areas – Mow in an area when it would be dangerous for people to enter
  • Spas – Relaxing to watch
  • Gated Communities – Mow the common areas without disturbing people while they work from home or sleep

Next steps?

You can contact us today for more information and let us show you how you can save money and improve the quality and look of your grassed areas.

Alternatively you can use some of the resources our site offers to learn more: