Robot Mower Installation

For smaller areas, you can install the robot yourself and there are a number of videos available to assist you.  For larger areas, we would recommend having a professional installation. We can offer the service using our wire layer.  This will bury the perimeter wire which will then be less likely to be disturbed.

We can also assist with existing installations where you are having issues such as wire breaks.


Review the video on self-installation.

Use our Measure My Lawn page to work out the length of cable required…remember to add on enough to cater for unexpected diversions and for looping around objects that you want you mower to stay away from (flower beds in the middle of the lawn, tree roots,  etc.).

Choose the appropriate installation kit below…if you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Installation kits

Our standard installation kits are below but we can make up kits to suit your requirements.

Small Installation kit – 150 meters of wire, 300 pegs and 2 connectors. £79

Medium Installation kit – 200 meters of wire, 400 pegs and 2 connectors.  £119

Extra Large Installation kit – 400 meters of wire, 800 pegs and 2 connectors. £239

Self Installation Kit for Robot mowers

Professional Installation

If you opt for professional installation of your lawn mower, we will install the wire for you, set-up the mower and give you an overview.

We use a wire laying machine which can lay over 2000 meters of wire an hour. This Wire Layer uses a turning drill bit to cut a groove in the ground. The wire feeds into the groove. Less time is required for the grass to recover since the cut in the ground is very small.

Standard prices for one zone professional installation are based on the model being installed:
L30B, L30 Elite: £329
L35:                     £379
4.0, L250i:          £429
L350i:                 £499
L400i:                 On request

Additional zones are charged at £50 per zone. Please note that this excludes perimeter wire at £0.50 per meter.

If you would like details of the installation service or any special offers which are applicable, please Contact Us