Lawn Surveys for Robot Mowers

Why have a lawn survey?

Deciding on the best robot mower for your lawn can be a bit daunting.  If you have looked at our frequently asked questions and spent hours googling but are still not sure, then Contact Us for a lawn survey.

To help you choose the right Ambrogio Model for you, we can either carry it out virtually or on-site.

Virtual Lawn Survey

Using a satellite view of your garden and any photos you can provide, we can usually identify the best robot mower for your lawn. 

If you are going to install you robot mower yourself, we can provide instructions tailored to your lawn and a tailor made installation kit as well as the mower.

On-Site Lawn Survey

For more complicated lawns or lawns where you want us to carry out a professional installation, we would recommend a on-site survey

We will review your garden to identify where the base station should be placed, the best wire layout and identify any possible issues.  We will also recommend any changes that can be made to get the best out of your robot mower.

We normally bring a robot mower so that you can see it running on your grass. 

The survey will take about an hour (depending on the size of the lawn).  Afterwards we will prepare a lawn survey for you to keep.

Although we may charge for this, it will be refundable against any purchase.

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