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The Ambrogio 4.0 Elite Premium model is the most innovative robot mower from Ambrogio yet. The pivoted platform allows a better cut on uneven ground and the double wheels provide greater grip with less pressure on the lawn.  This model copes with lawns that other robots will struggle with.

The ZCS technology allows you to connect to your robot anytime and anywhere. With a simple click on your smartphone, the robot can be paused, re-started, sent back to base and sent to another area of the garden, very useful if you are using one area of the garden and then mower can mow in another.

If you are worried about security, as well as an alarm if the robot is tipped or lifted, the Geofence Alarm will be triggered if the robot mower goes outside a predetermined area so deterring any thieves (see our Security Details).


Smaller Lawn
Twenty 29 Elite (3500 m²)


Larger Lawn
4.36 Elite (6000 m²)


Additional details

Ambrogio 4.0 robot mower on grass
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The 4.0 Elite Premium is one of the few robot mowers where the cutting height can also be changed remotely, not something that needs to be done very often but still a very useful feature.

This model comes with a 6-year warranty (2 years standard + 4 year extension). Exclusions as per warranty booklet – ask for details.
We run a 4.0 at home so it is available for demonstration.  Have a look at our blog for details out the installation and day to day running.

If your garden is bigger than 3600m² but you like the pivoting platform and extra grip, consider the new 4.36 Elite which copes with up to 6000m².
If you don’t need the pivoting platform or extra grip provided by the 4 rear tyres, then consider the L250i Elite S+ (up to 5000m²) or for even larger areas, the L350i Elite (up to 7000m²).

Compared to the competition

We believe that the 4.0 compares favourably to the competition, so, how does it compare to the Husqvarna Automower 430x which also will mow 3200 m²?

The functionality of both machines is very similar:

  • Both offer GPS, internet connectivity and a good quality build (although we would argue the Ambrogio’s are superior -see the video on the right)
  • Both machines come from manufacturers that have been making robots for over 20 years

One area where the 4.0 Elite wins out over Husqvarna 430x is the time it takes to cover your lawn – based on the Husqvarna manual, the capacity of the 430x is 133 m²/h i.e. the mower should be set to run 24 hours a day for a 3200 m² lawn.  In comparison, the 4.0 Elite should be set to run 14 hours a day for the same area.  This is mainly due to the increased cutting time per charge (225 vs 145 mins) and the mower software which ensures that it mows the lawn in the most efficient manner.

And…did I mention the warranty, both give you the first 2 years, but the Ambrogio gives you an additional 4 years on a lot of parts. 

Comparison of Ambrogio 4.0 with Husqvarna 430x
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Ambrogio 4.0 Elite Premium Specifications

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