The Ambrogio 4.36 Elite model is one of our newest models and follows on from the success of the Ambrogio 4.0 Elite.

Like the 4.0 Elite, it offers a pivoted platform which allows a better cut over uneven ground.

The 3 tyres on each rear wheel which provides greater grip with less pressure on the lawn.  This model copes with lawns that other robots will struggle with.

It can manage up to 6000 m² (the 4.0 manages 3500 m²) and it’s 36cm blade means that it can cover the larger area in record time.

Have a larger area but still want to cope with rough terrain? The +Infinity Cutting System will allow you to run more than one 4.36 Elite in the same area.

Smaller Lawn
L250i Elite S+ (5000 m²)


Larger Lawn
L350i Elite (7000 m²)


Additional Details

Ambrogio 4.36 robot mower in garden
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The ZCS technology allows you to connect to your robot anytime and anywhere. With a simple click on your smartphone, the robot can be paused, re-started, sent back to base and sent to another area of the garden, very useful if you are using one area of the garden and then mower can mow in another.

If you are worried about security, as well as an alarm if the robot is tipped or lifted, the Geofence Alarm will be triggered if the robot mower goes outside a predetermined area so deterring any thieves (see our Security Details).

The Ambrogio 4.36 Elite is one of the few robot mowers where the cutting height can also be changed remotely, not something that needs to be done very often but a useful feature. This model comes with a 6-year warranty (2 years standard + 4 year extension). Exclusions as per warranty booklet – ask for details.

Looking at the competition

We believe that the Ambrogio 4.36 compares favourably to the competition. 

If you are comparing manufacturers, have a look at the video comparing the Ambrogio 4.0 (it’s smaller brother) to the Husqvarna Automower 430X that was out together by our colleagues at Mower Magic.

Comparison of Ambrogio 4.0 with Husqvarna 430x
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Ambrogio 4.36 Elite

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