Ambrogio 4.36 Elite 4WD

The 4.36 4WD is new for 2023.  It builds on the sucess of the Ambrogio 4.36 Elite but is a a four wheeled drive variant.  This means that it can cope with even steeper slopes than before, a maximum of 55%  slope at the perimeter wire rather than 20%.  It will still cover up to 6000 m².

The front wheels are driven independently using the same technology that made the Ambrogio QUAD such a success.

The ZCS technology allows you to connect to your robot over the internet wherever you are. With a click on your smartphone, the robot can be paused, re-started, sent back to base or sent to another area of the garden – very useful if you are using one area of the garden and then mower can mow in another.

Worried about potential theft? The Geofence Alarm will be triggered if the robot mower is taken outside of a predetermined area so deterring any thieves (see our Security Details).

If your area is greater than 6000 m² and has steep slopes then the 4.36 4WD can use the +Infinity Cutting System which allows multiple mowers to run in the same area using one perimeter wire.

The Ambrogio 4.36 4WD allows you to change the cutting height remotely, not something that needs to be done very often but a useful feature.

This model comes with a 6-year warranty (2 years standard + 4 year extension). Exclusions as per warranty booklet – ask for details.

Not quite right for you?

Larger Lawn?

Ambrogio L400 robot mower

Consider the L400.
For areas up to 20,000m²

Steeper Lawn?

Ambrogio QUAD

Consider the QUAD with +INFINITY.
Copes with 75% slopes up to 3500m²

Not so steep?

Ambrogio 4.36 robot mower in arch mobile

Consider the 4.36 Elite.
Copes with 45% slopes up to 6000m²

Download more details

Ambrogio 4.36 Elite 4WD Specifications

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