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The Ambrogio 4.36 Elite RTK is new for 2023.  It builds on the success of the Ambrogio 4.36 Elite but now uses Real-time kinematic positioning (or RTK as it is commonly known). This means that it uses the GPS satellites to pinpoint its position and does not need a perimeter wire as it can pinpoint its position to within 5cms – an enhanced GPS solution.

RTK is best suited for open spaces such as parks, pitches, fields and paddocks as obstacles which obscure the GPS satellites from the mower or the antenna (such as buildings, trees, high fences) will cause the mower to lose track of its position and hence stop the mower from mowing.

The mower uses its enhanced GPS to mow in straight lines and which increases the standard 4.36 Elite capability from 6000 to 10,000 m² and using the +Infinity Cutting System allows multiple mowers to run in the same garden.

This model comes with a 6-year warranty (2 years standard + 4 year extension). Exclusions as per warranty booklet – ask for details.

Please note that the Ambrogio 4.36 Elite RTK will only be available in limited numbers during 2023 so please contact us if you are interested in one. 

** You may need an additional RTK antenna for your installation (currently £599) **

Not quite right for you?

Larger Lawn?

Ambrogio L400 robot mower

Consider the non-RTK L400.
For areas up to 20,000m²

RTK not suitable?

Ambrogio 4.36 robot mower in arch mobile

Consider the 4.36 Elite.
Copes with 45% slopes up to 6000m²

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Ambrogio 4.36 Elite RTK Specifications

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