Ambrogio L60 Elite S+

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 Up to 400m² lawns
Managed AreasMultiple
No perimeter wire required No perimeter wire req’d

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If you have a garden up to the 400 m² (about the size of a 2 tennis courts), the all new, easy to use Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ is for you.

The L60 Elite S+ requires no boundary wires or outside power so it can be put to use straight out of the box – this is unique and was featured in The Telegraph – Best lawnmower to buy right now.

Just put it down on your lawn and start it mowing. As it will mow for 3 hours, it makes it perfect for mowing multiple lawns where the total area is less than 400 m² .

When it’s finished, you simply pick it up and move it to another area or put it back on charge for the next time.

Larger Lawn
Twenty ZR (1000 m²)


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Ambrogio L60 robot mower on grass
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The L60 doesn’t need a perimeter wire as it has sensors that detect when it gets to the edge of your lawn by:

  • The presence of grass under the mower i.e. paving around a lawn
  • A drop i.e. a lowered flowerbed
  • A raised edge/ border


It will also detect obstacles in the lawn such as trees and will change direction to go around them.

If your garden is larger than 400 m², or don’t want to have to charge the mower and put it out on the lawn yourself, consider the Twenty ZR which mows up to 1000 m², stays outside for the whole season and charges itself.

Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ Specification