Ambrogio Twenty 29 Deluxe

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The Ambrogio Twenty 29 Deluxe is new for 2022 and provides great value for money.

It lacks the GPS and mobile connectivity that the Twenty 29 Elite provides but with the 29cm blade it can still mow 2500m² at a great price.

This robotic lawn mower can navigate around up to 8 connected areas so it will work even if you have multiple lawns.

If you compare the Twenty 29 Deluxe to robot mowers from other manufacturers, we think you’ll find that if offers more for less. 

As Ambrogio have been making robot mowers for 21 years, you know you are  getting a product which will stand the test of time.

Smaller Lawn
Twenty 25 Elite (1800 m²)


Larger Lawn
Twenty 29 Elite (3500 m²)


Additional Details

The Twenty 29 Deluxe shares its platform with the Twenty 25 Elite and the Twenty 29 Elite.

Compared to the Twenty 25 Elite, the slightly different blade position and blade guard allows it to accommodate a larger blade which along with various other internal differences increases its coverage to 2500m².

Compared to the Twenty 29 Elite, the Deluxe doesn’t have GPS, mobile connectivity and has a smaller battery capacity.

If your garden has uneven areas then consider the 4.0 Elite (up to 3500 m²).

If you garden is bigger than 2500 m² or if you want the security that tracking gives you, then consider the Ambrogio Twenty 29 Elite.

If your garden is smaller, the Twenty 25 Elite (up to 1800m²) may be the one for you.

Ambrogio Twenty 29 Deluxe Specification