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The Ambrogio Twenty 29 Elite is new for 2022 and replaces the L250i.  It is a compact robotic mower with a great coverage that has the latest in innovation.

Ambrogio have taken the design from the very popular Twenty range and supersized it to give a mower that can handle up to 3500m² (nearly an acre) with a 29 cm blade (hence the name) and 6 hours cutting between charges. 

The Twenty 29 Elite robot mower can cater for the majority of large gardens.  As it can navigate around up to 8 connected areas it will work even if you have multiple lawns.

The robot mower is only 53cms long and with a width of just over 10kgs and the carrying handles makes it easy to move between areas if there is not a passageway for the mower to navigate there itself.

Its large, soft rear wheels gives it great grip while the suspension on the front wheels allows it to cope with uneven areas.

Smaller Lawn
Twenty 29 Deluxe (2500 m²)


Larger Lawn
4.36 Elite (6000 m²)


Additional Details

The Twenty 29 Elite shares its platform with the Twenty 25 Elite and the Twenty 29 Deluxe. 

Compared to the Twenty 25, the slightly different blade position and blade guard allows it to accommodate a larger blade – it has double the battery capacity as well.

Compared to the Twenty 29 Deluxe, the Elite has GPS and mobile connectivity for added security (it is trackable) and smart cutting to improve coverage.   

If your garden has uneven areas then consider the 4.0 Elite (up to 3500 m²).

If you garden is bigger than 3500 m², then consider the Ambrogio 4.36 (up to 6000 m²)  or with the +Infinity system you can run multiple mowers in the same area.

If your garden is smaller and/ or you don’t need GPS and mobile connectivity, the Twenty 29 Deluxe (up to 2500m²) may be the one for you.

Ambrogio Twenty 25 Elite Specification