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Launched in 2021, the Ambrogio Twenty Elite S+ robot mower provides the same capabilities as the popular Twenty Elite but now covers an even bigger area (1300m² – approx. 4 tennis courts).

The Elite S+ has proved so popular with its small, compact, technologically advanced design that the new Twenty 25 & Twenty 29 have been built with the same design.

If you have a garden up to 1300 m², the Twenty range offers everything that the competition can offer but at a price (and size) that can’t be matched.

The Twenty Elite S+ offers the same security (geofence and global tracking) and internet connectivity that is present in the Twenty Elite


Smaller Lawn
Twenty Elite (1000 m²)


Larger Lawn
Twenty 25 Elite (1800 m²)



The Twenty Elite S+ is installed in exactly the same way as the Elite which we installed in our test garden so you can look at the our YouTube videos on the Elite details.

Additional details

Ambrogio Twenty Robot Mower In Garden
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If you have a garden up to 1300 m² and are looking for the latest technology then the Twenty Elite S+ is for you.
If your garden is a bit larger then consider the Twenty 25 Elite (up to 1800 m²).
If your garden is a bit smaller (up to 1000 m²), then consider the Twenty Elite.

Compared to the competition

We believe that the Ambrogio Twenty Elite S+ compares favourably with the competition, so, how does it compare to the Husqvarna Automower 315 which also will mow 1500 m²?

The functionality of both machines is slightly different as the S+ has GPS & internet connectivity which is only available on the 315X (which has disappeared for the Husqvarna website).

But…I can hear you saying that the S+ will cover a smaller area…have a closer look at the specification.

For an area of 1500 m², the Husqvarna 315 needs to have the schedule set for just around 22 hours a day (according to their manual).  For 1300 m², the S+ has the schedule set for under 13 hours a day and is still cheaper.

The difference is mainly due to the increased cutting time per charge of the S+ (240 vs 70 mins) and the mower software which ensures that it mows the lawn in the most efficient manner.

Ambrogio Twenty Elite S+ Specification

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