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Belrobotics’ ParcMow is capable of maintaining up to 12,000 m² and hence can be used in large gardens, public spaces and private grounds.

With a GPS RTK module fitted (which increases its price to approx. £18,240 inc. VAT), the range can be boosted to 45,000 m² (over 11 acres).  

The BigMow’s three floating heads adapt to
the lumps and bumps of the ground and provides a constant even cut height.

The ParcMow has 5 sonars which allow it to sense objects and take appropriate action. 

The Belrobotics ParcMow software automatically monitors the maintenance of your green spaces, without the need for human involvement.

It’s very quiet (52 dB) so can be used in areas where noise (or lack of it) is important such as running overnight when people are sleeping nearby.

Running on electricity doesn’t just make it quiet, it’s lack of omissions ensure that it is a ‘green’ alternative to normal mowers and it’s cheap to run too.

More Details

The Belrobotics App and Web Portal allows you to:

  • Check the performance of your robotic mower wherever you are in the world from your smartphone.
  • Monitor the live status, the battery level and the mowers performance over the last 5 days.
  • View an overview of activities, settings and schedules.
  • Send a command and get instant verification that it has been acted on.
  • Check the robots GPS location with any associated alarms position.


The ParcMow can be bought outright or on a 3,4 and 5 year lease and a 48hr on-site support service is available at each cost.

Belrobotics ParcMow Technical specification

Max. mowing area: 12.000 m2 / 45.000 m2 with RTK
Mowing width: 633 mm
Number of heads: 3
Number of blades: 9
Speed: 2.8 km/h
Battery type: LIFePo4
Standard battery capacity: 19,2 Ah
More powerful battery options: (Ah) 24
Battery voltage: 26.4 V
Charging time: 80 min
Average annual consumption: 580 kWh
Anti-theft safety feature: Yes
Max. noise: 52dB
Monitoring: Track & Trace + SMS Included
Weight: (kg) 48 kg
Dimensions: 100cm x 104cm x 46cm (Length x Width x Height)
Low cut – minimum: 20 mm
High cut – maximum: 100 mm
Standard max. Slope 35%
Sonar: Yes
Adaptive mowing: Standard
Multizone: Yes
Obstacle sonar: Yes
Fleet management system: Yes

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