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Compact and efficient for small and complex gardens

If you have a typical small garden then the L30B is for you.  It is designed to mow gardens of up to 600 m² with narrow and tight spaces. It requires a boundary wire, so some setup is required but is easily within the capabilities of most people or we can offer an installation service if required.

The L30B is now replaced by the Twenty Deluxe (700m²).

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Ambrogio L30 on grass
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Before you can start mowing you need to lay the perimeter wire around the edge of the lawn.  This stops the mower from deciding the mow your flowers or even worse, going for a swim in your pond.  You then can link up the docking station and plug it in to a nearby power source…then it’s ready to go.

Your L30B will mow the grass according to your schedule and when it runs low on battery, will automatically go back to it’s docking station to recharge ready to go out again.  As it mows your grass on a frequent basis, it only cuts a very small amount off and leave the cut pieces which will improve the quality of the grass.  The mower will left outside all through the growing season and can even mow through the night.  As it is so light compared to a normal mower, it can mow when the lawn is soft and even when it is raining.

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