Ambrogio L350i Elite

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The Ambrogio L350i Elite is no longer available in the uk and has been superseded by the 4.36 Elite.

Smaller Lawn
4.36 Elite (6000 m²)


Larger Lawn
L400 Deluxe (20,000 m²)


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Ambrogio L350 robot mower in docking station
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With lawns of this size, we would always recommend Contacting Us to discuss your needs and maybe a lawn survey before making any purchase.

If you have a very uneven lawn which is up to 6000m² then have a look at the 4.36 Elite which has 6 rear tyres and a pivoting cutting platform for greater grip and more even cutting.

If you have a larger area to mow, then you can run more than one L350i in the same area with the +Infinity Cutting System.  

If you need a large area cut within a limited time, e.g. overnight while your guests are asleep, then the L400i Deluxe may be the model for you.

Ambrogio L350i Elite specification

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