Ambrogio L60 Elite

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 Up to 200m² lawns
Managed Areas Multiple
No perimeter wire required No perimeter wire req’d

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If you have a garden up to the 200 m² (about the size of a tennis court), the easy to use Ambrogio L60 Elite is for you.  

We will no longer be stocking the L60 Elite in 2022 so get  one of the last few available.  The L60 Elite S+ will still be available… or have a look at the Ambrogio Twenty ZR which takes robot mowers to the next level.

The L60 Elite requires no boundary wires or outside power so it can be put to use straight out of the box – this is unique and was featured in The Telegraph – Best lawnmower to buy right now.

Just put it down on your lawn and start it mowing. The sensors detect when it gets to the edge of your lawn by:

  • The presence of grass under the mower i.e. paving around a lawn
  • A drop i.e. a lowered flowerbed
  • A raised edge/ border

It will also detect obstacles in the lawn such as trees and will change direction to go around them.

When it’s finished, you simply pick it up and move it to another area or put it back on charge for the next time.

Larger Lawn
L60 Elite S+ (400 m²)


Additional Details

Ambrogio L60 robot mower on grass
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If you like the idea of the L60 but have a garden bigger than 200 m² or don’t want to have to charge the mower and put it out on the lawn yourself, consider

  1. The Twenty Deluxe which mows up to 700 m², stays outside for the whole season and charges itself.
  2. The Twenty ZR which mows up to 1000 m², stays outside for the whole season and doesn’t need a perimeter wire either.


If you live within 20 minutes of us, you can use our Try before you buy service. We will arrange a visit so that you can put an L60 on your lawn for 30 mins and you can see how it works for you.  If the L60 is not the right model for you, we can carry out a lawn survey to identify which model is the right one.

Ambrogio L60 Elite Specification

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