Ambrogio Twenty Deluxe

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The Ambrogio Twenty Deluxe is based on the new Ambrogio platform introduced in 2020. 

It is small in size (measuring just 42 cm long), lightweight (just 7kg) and very quiet due to it’s brushless motor.  

Despite it’s size, it can mow up to 700m² (approx 3 tennis courts). It can also cater for a garden with up to 4 separate areas which puts well ahead of the competition. 

It provides the build quality that you would expect from an Ambrogio at a price which matches other mowers with a lower specification.


Smaller Lawn
L60 Elite S+ (400 m²)


Larger Lawn
Twenty Elite (1000 m²)


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Ambrogio Twenty Robot Mower In Garden
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If you have a garden up to 700 m² then the Twenty Deluxe is for you.
If your garden is a bit larger or want to be able to connect to your mower over the internet then consider the Twenty Elite (up to 1000m²).

If your garden has well defined edges then consider one of our mowers that does not need a perimeter wire:

  1. For smaller lawns (up to 400 m²), check the L60 Elite S+
  2. For lawns up to 1000 m², check the Twenty ZR (new for 2022)

Compared to the competition

We believe that the Twenty Deluxe compares favourably with the competition, so, how does it compare to the Husqvarna Automower 305 which also will mow 600 m²?

The functionality of both machines is very similar:

  • Both offer a good quality build (although we would argue the Ambrogio’s are superior – look at the comparison)
  • Both machines come from manufacturers that have been making robots for over 20 years
  • Both offer 2 years warranty

But one area where the Twenty Deluxe wins out over Husqvarna 305 is the time it takes to cover your lawn – based on the Husqvarna manual, the capacity of the 305 is 55 m²/h i.e. the mower should be set to run 11 hours a day for a 600 m² lawn.  In comparison, the Twenty Deluxe should be set to run 10 hours a day for 700 m².  This is mainly due to the increased cutting time per charge (120 vs 60 mins).

Ambrogio Twenty Deluxe Specification

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