The Ambrogio Robot Lawn Mower Range

What do Ambrogio robot mowers offer?

Ambrogio Range 2022 with Ambrogio logo

Ambrogio has over 21 years experience of robot lawn mowers and are widely used in mainland Europe.  It has only been the last few years when Ambrogio UK have started supplying its range of autonomous lawn mowers via dealers in the Uk.  

Ambrogio offers the widest range of robot mowers available.  Whether you are looking for a robot mower which doesn’t need a perimeter wire, for a small garden (up to 1300 m²), a large garden (up to 3500 m²),  a larger, uneven garden with or without slopes or an estate (up to 20,000 ² or larger), we have a robot mower that will suit you.  You can even run multiple mowers in the same area to increase the coverage further.

All this with a long warranty (up to 6 years), quality components (98% manufactured in Europe) and great mowing software that keeps improving.

Choosing the best Ambrogio robot mower for you


Ambrogio robot mower with no perimeter wire (1000 m² max)

For 2022, Ambrogio have added the Twenty ZR to its line-up.  Along with the L60 Elite S+ we now have two options for lawns up to 1000 m² if you want a mower that does not require a perimeter wire.

A number of manufacturers have stated that they will be producing wireless models in 2022 but we will see how that progresses but you can find out more.

Web Price: £999.00
  • For lawns up to 400
  • Drop and mow
  • No perimeter wire required
New for 2022
Web Price: £1,199.00
  • For lawns up to 1000
  • Fully automated charging
  • No perimeter wire required

Ambrogio robot mowers for small gardens (1300 m² max)

If you have a garden up to 1300 m² (about a quarter of an acre) then we have three Ambrogio robots from the Twenty range that may suit you. 

These all need a perimeter wire but it’s not difficult to install as we help you through the installation process.

Web Price: £999.00
  • For lawns up to 700
  • For small, complex gardens
  • 40 cms long, 6 kgs, full of technology
Web Price: £1,249.00
  • For lawns up to 1000
  • For larger complex gardens
  • Internet enabled
Web Price: £1,399.00
  • For lawns up to 1300
  • For larger complex gardens
  • Internet enabled

Ambrogio robot mowers for large gardens (3500 m² max)

If you have a garden up to 3500 m² (just under an acre) we have three new Ambrogio robots that may suit you.  If your lawn is a bit more uneven or you want 6 years warranty for peace of mind, check the 4.0 Elite.  

The Twenty 25 & Twenty 29 ranges are all based on the popular Twenty design but supersized (53 cms vs 42 cms).  They look identical but have different capabilities.

New for 2022
Web Price: £1,699.00
  • For lawns up to 1800
  • 4 wheeled mower
  • Full of the latest technology
New for 2022
Web Price: £1,999.00
  • For lawns up to 2500 m²
  • For larger gardens
  • Excellent value
New for 2022
Web Price: £2,499.00
  • For lawns up to 3500
  • For large, complex gardens
  • 6 hours on one charge

Ambrogio robot mowers for larger gardens or steep slopes (6000 m² max)

The Ambrogio 4.0 Elite Premium (released 2019) & 4.36 Elite (released 2020) have incredible traction (with their 4 & 6 rear tyres respectively) and pivoting cutting heads which make them ideal for uneven ground. 

The Ambrogio Quad (released 2021) offers unrivalled grip with its 4 wheel drive system that allows it to cope with slopes up to 75% and unique RADAR technology.

The 4.0 & 4.36 Elite come with 6 (2+4) years warranty.

Web Price: £3,199.00
  • For lawns up to 3500 m²
  • Pivoting cutting head for best cut
  • 6 years warranty
Web Price: £3,899.00
  • For lawns up to 6,000 m²
  • For large, uneven areas
  • 6 years warranty
Web Price: £3,899.00
  • For lawns up to 3500
  • For steep slopes
  • RADAR sensor

Ambrogio robot mowers for estates (20,000 m² max)

Web Price: £12,499.00
  • For lawns up to 20,000
  • For very large areas
  • 11 hours on one charge

If you have an area up to 20,000 m² (about 5 acres), there are very few robot mowers on the market that will cope. The L400 Deluxe is targeted at large gardens/ estates, football pitches, hotels, spas etc.  It allows you to cut a large area quickly and quietly causing the minimum of disruption, disturbance or down-time for the area.  

If you have a larger area, that’s not a problem.  With the +INFINITYSYSTEM, you can run up to 4 L400s in the same area.

As you can see, there is a big price step between the 4.36 Elite and the L400…if you are not so worried about covering a large area quickly with one mower, you could opt to run multiple 4.36s (or any other Ambrogio robot mower that covers 3500 m² or more) in the same area for a cheaper solution.

If you still need more options, then have a look at our Belrobotics robotic lawn mower range.