Robot Lawn Mowers

Thinking about buying a robot lawn mower but not sure where to start?

We can carry out a free lawn survey, help you choose the right model and provide professional installation or create an installation kit and guide specific to your lawn. Contact Us today and we can guide you through the process.

What sets us apart from other robot mowers suppliers is our customer service, have a look at our reviews.

We stock robot lawn mowers for all lawn sizes. Our simplest model, the Ambrogio L60 (as featured in The Telegragh – Best lawnmowers to buy), can cover a garden almost the size of a tennis court, while the L400 can cover an area up to 2 full-size premiership football pitches….and we have robot mowers for every size in-between.

Our Garden

We currently run a Ambrogio L35 Deluxe, a Amborgio L60 Deluxe and a Amborgio 4.0  (which replaced our Husqvarna 450X)…unlike many other dealers,  we don’t just sell them, we use them as well!  Have a look at our garden.

The  L30 range are available at a special end of season promotion price.

The Robot Mower Reviews

Rakesh Gupta
Rakesh Gupta
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I had an Ambrogio robot mower installed about two months ago by Paul. He was absolutely great. Very approachable, very knowledgeable and has given excellent after sales service. He has always been available, at the end of a phone, to deal with any problems I've encountered. In fact he has gone far above and beyond what could be expected. I fully recommend him and the product, Ambrogio robotmowers, without hesitation.
Tayza Aung
Tayza Aung
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Very quick efficient service - good customer service and very responsive to queries - Paul is very knowledgeable about the product Would strongly recommend his service and use it again
Daniel Casey
Daniel Casey
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If you live in Essex, seek out Paul for all your Robot Mower needs. Such a friendly, knowledgeable guy. Robot Mowers are the next 'big thing'. Talk to Paul.
Danny Hallahan
Danny Hallahan
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Great experience. Service from Paul Horti absolutely great attentive and responsive. Robot also performing incredibly well and the field looks in great condition. Much better than when I did by tractor. 100% recommend
Ambrogio L60 robot mower
Ambrogio L60 Deluxe
200 m²/ £899
Ambrogio L30 robot mower
Ambrogio L30B
600 m²/ £999 £869
Ambrogio L30 Elite robot mower
Ambrogio L30 Elite
1100 m²/ £1499 £1250
Ambrogio L35 robot mower
Ambrogio L35 Deluxe
1800 m²/ £1749
Ambrogio L250 i Elite robot mower
Ambrogio L250i Elite
3200 m²/ £2599
Ambrogio 4.0 robot mower
Ambrogio 4.0
3500 m²/ £2999
Ambrogio L350 I Elite robot mower
Ambrogio L350i
7000 m²/ £3499
Ambrogio L400 robot mower
Ambrogio L400
20,000m²/ £14,999

Why Buy A Robot Lawn Mower?

Robot Lawn Mowers save you Time and Money

Robot Mowers can save you time and money

While robot lawn  mowers are generally more expensive than traditional electric or petrol-powered grass mowers (although cheaper than ride-on mowers for some large gardens!), they will save you money in the long term.

How? Because they let you save the money you’d usually pay a gardener or, if you mow the lawn yourself, they turn the time you spend mowing into extra free time.

If you have a gardener, how much do they cost? In our area, it’s £20-£30 an hour, which quickly adds up. If you mow the lawn yourself, how much do you value your time? If you had that extra time, what would you do with it? It saves our family 3-4 hours a week on a 5,000m² (just over an acre) lawn.

All a robot mower costs to run, after you set it up, is £20-£40 per year for fuel (electricity). That wouldn’t run your petrol lawn mower for long!

Robot Mowers are more eco-friendly

Using a petrol mower tends to be a noisy, environmentally unfriendly chore. In the US, a recent study estimated that petrol mowers create 5% of total air pollution.

A robot mower is quiet and uses a small amount of electricity – about the same as running a PC. The mower recycles your grass cuttings and it’s estimated that you will need around 25% less fertiliser

Robot Lawn Mowers are Eco Friendly
Better grass quality with a robot mower

Robot Mowers improve the quality of your grass

The robot lawn mowers cut little and often. The aim is to cut every blade of your grass 2-3 times a week. The robotic mowers trim off a small, barely noticeable amount, leaving the cut grass on your lawn as mulch, which returns nutrients to the soil. It is estimated that you will need around 25% less fertilizer than normal mowing, and you’ll never have to dispose of grass cuttings again!

Why Buy A Robot Lawn Mower From The Robot Mower?

We are your local Ambrogio dealer

We are the only dealer for Ambrogio robot lawn mowers in East Anglia. When you buy from us, you’re not only getting a personal service—you’re also getting the support of Ambrogio UK, which has been dealing with robot mowers for more than 15 years.

Ambrogio products offer:

Warranty: Ambrogio is committed to providing top-quality robotic mowers with up to 6 years warranty.
Quality Components: 98% of components are manufactured in Europe.
Experience: Ambrogio has over 18 years of experience in robotics, software and battery technology, and owns a number of patented technologies that you will not find from other manufacturers.

Ambrogio 4.0 robot mower
Ambrogio 4.0 Robot Mower at home

Real experience and excellent customer care

We are your local robot lawn mower specialists covering Essex, London and East Anglia.  We are based just outside of Blackmore, Essex.

We have an acre of grass to mow at home. We were slowly becoming fed up of mowing for 3+ hours a week, and decided to look at robot mowers as an alternative. You rarely saw them in the UK, so it was difficult to get information. After researching them on the web, we bought our first robot lawn mower in early 2018. The improvement was incredible. The quality of our grass improved and it freed us up to spend time on other parts of the garden. It was so good, we decided to start selling them…and The Robot Mower was created.

See our blog for more details of the journey.

We will make sure you find the best mower that suits your garden…even if the answer is not a robot mower. We can install and set up your robot mower for you, and pass on tips we’ve picked up through owning, installing and running three of them ourselves.

Where we are

The Robot Mower is based just outside of Blackmore, Essex.  We’re about 15 minutes from Chelmsford, Epping, Brentwood and junction 7 of the M25.

Free local lawn surveys & an Ambrogio L60 trial

We offer lawn surveys to help you decide which is the most suitable robot mower for you.  If you live within a 30 minute drive of us, the survey will be free. 

We can travel further, but there may be a minimal charge (unless we are going your way anyway) – Contact Us for more details.  Even if there is a charge, it will be deductible from any purchase.

We can offer a demonstration of various installed models or if you are interested in an Ambrogio L60, we can offer a free trial. See the L60 page for more details.