Ambrogio Twenty ZR EVO

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If you have a garden less 1000m² (approx 3 tennis courts) with well defined borders then the ZR EVO may be the mower for you. 

It builds on the success of the Twenty range but with its AI RADAR technology and ultrasonic technology, it does not need a perimeter wire.  The RADAR technology combined with Artificial Intelligence allows the mower to detect obstacles and detect where the grass ends – have a look at the mower manual for more details of the boundaries that it will work for.

Released in 2024, this will be a real game changer in the robot lawn mower area.    It replaces the original ZR and can now detect drop borders greater than 5cms.

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Smaller Lawn
Twenty Deluxe (700 m²)


Larger Lawn
Twenty Elite S+ (1300 m²)


Additional details

The Ambrogio Twenty ZR EVO is new for 2024 and we are very excited about it. 

We always are asked about robots that need no perimeter wire and the L60 was the only option.

People loved the simplicity of the L60 but it did mean picking it up to charge it and move it from one area to another.  We think the Twenty ZR EVO will be very popular as it combines the simplicity of the L60 with the ability to charge itself & to navigate to 4 areas (so no need to pick it up).

The original ZR (video left) was good, but could not cope with gardens with a drop edge, the ZR EVO addresses this so will now be suitable for more gardens.

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