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The Ambrogio Twenty 25 Elite is new for 2022 and replaces the L35.  It is a compact robotic mower that has the latest in innovation.

Ambrogio have taken the design from the very popular Twenty range and supersized it to give a mower that can handle up to 1800m² (approx. 9 tennis courts) with a 25 cm blade (hence the name).

The Twenty 25 Elite robot mower is large enough for the majority of gardens.  It can navigate around up to 8 connected areas in your garden allowing to mow even those difficult to get to areas.

The robot mower is only 53cms long and with a width of just 10kgs and the carrying handles makes it easy to move between areas if there is not a passageway for the mower to navigate there itself.

Having four wheels makes it more stable than 3 wheeled mowers that are available and its large, soft rear wheels gives it great grip.

Smaller Lawn
Twenty Elite S+ (1300 m²)


Larger Lawn
Twenty 29 Deluxe (2500 m²)


Additional details

The Twenty 25 Elite is based on the new design introduced with the original Twenty range. 

Traditional robot mower design has an outer cover that moves over the base when it bumps into a object.  The Twenty 25 Elite (and the larger Twenty 29 Elite & Deluxe) have a bumper at the front to register bumps as well as an inertia switch which registers when the mower quickly slows/ stops. 

The open design minimises grass build up and allows the blade to be close to the outside edge of the mower reducing the amount of grass that needs to be strimmed. 

If you garden is bigger than 1800 m², then consider the  Twenty 29 Deluxe (up to 2500 m²), the Twenty 29 Elite (up to 3500 m²) or if you have uneven ground, the 4.0 Elite (up to 3500 m²).

If your garden is smaller but you still want the latest technology, the Twenty Elite S+ (up to 1300m²) may be the one for you.

Compared to the competition

The closest competitor in terms of area covered and quality was the Husqvarna 415X    Like the 25 Elite, it has GPS and mobile connectivity but only covers 1500 m².   The 415X needs to be scheduled for 24 hours a day for it’s maximum area whilst the 25 Elite only needs 13 hours for 1800 m² and is almost £300 cheaper.

Ambrogio Twenty 25 Elite Specification

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